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Capturing Relationships

Hi there! I’m Elizabeth Lutz, and I’m so happy you are here. I’m based in a small town in the California Bay Area. I love to spend the day with people capturing their relationships. My work is warm & crisp, to show off all the happiness of your day.



It’s great to see you here! I’m Elizabeth Lutz, and I’m currently living in a small town near Santa Cruz, CA. Not at all a surf town, a country town with one store, orchards, cows and horses at every corner. This town has impacted all of my artistic endeavors. I try with every image to create the warmth, crispness & intimacy of this place. While others may overlook this small town, I have grown to appreciate the simplicity of beauty. I would love my work to be all about the raw connection between people & how that is deeply beautiful if you allow space for it to be noticed.

 I have grown up with 9 siblings, and now have 18 nieces & nephews. I spend my free time with this family, as well as my horse and 100 pound pup. Because of this, ‘home’ has become a pillar in my life. This life has made me confident with crowds & comfortable being apart of your family for a day. Because of my little town and my huge family, all of my sessions are out in nature or in a home. These are the most meaningful places to me.


I stepped in to shoot my first wedding in High School, when the other photographer had an emergency. Since then, I have been hooked. Starting by picking up odd jobs, going to workshops, emailing with mentors, and then creating my own business.
No, I deliver the very best. The amount depends on the package you choose!
Yes, I do! My images all keep a very natural & creamy tone.
I am a Nikon, 35mm & 85mm lens addict.

I deliver your images through an online gallery on Dropbox. Sessions are typically
delivered within 4 weeks. Weddings are delivered between 6-8 weeks. I want to take the
time to make sure you get the best!

That would make me so happy if you do! I only ask that you do not crop or edit the image.
No, unedited images will not be shared with the client. As this is an art form that I have passion for, that includes many new explorations past just the camera.
I can absolutely send images to get printed from my favorite spots, for an additional fee. I can also recommend where to get your images printed!
I always recommend to wear the style you love. As a general recommendation, clothing with texture & movement give some interest to the images.


I love to travel and capture what I see. If you love what you see drop me an email for print rates!


I love to travel and capture what I see. If you love what you see drop me an email for print rates!